FAQ – Frequently asked questions | Stahlzart Furniture




Are individual bespoke designs possible?


Yes, shape and material can be adapted exactly to your wishes or your interior / exterior.
Modifications to our current designs are also possible.


What is the usual delivery time?


For raw steel furniture: approx. 2-16 weeks (depending on production capacity)

For furniture with powder coating: approx. 3-12 weeks (depending on the manufacturing capacity)

For special productions in the highboard area (greater than 79cm high and at the same time wider than 140cm) the delivery time can be longer than 12 weeks.


Are different types of wood possible for my furniture?


Of course, you have the following options: oak, walnut, beech, maple, acacia, cherry and teak)

Very nice wood combinations are: raw steel with oak, powder coating pure white with oak, powder coating jet black with maple, powder coating anthracite gray with walnut, powder coating pure white with cherry. But there are many other nice combinations. The listed are only the most frequently requested color / material combinations.

Note for teak: It is more expensive and not environmentally friendly, even certified teak mostly comes from overexploitation. For exterior, oak or acacia wood is also very suitable.

If you need a different type of wood or special subspecies you have to expect a longer delivery time.

By default, all wooden elements are treated with hard wax oil before shipping. If you need the wood raw for further treatment (staining, sandblasting, etc.) you must inform us of this explicitly.


Can steel “rust through” outdoors?


No, at least not in the short term. Untreated 3mm crude steel can only rust through after several decades. (Air humidity or general components such as salty air near the sea also have an impact)

But if you don’t like Corten steel optics, we recommend a powder coating in colorless or other RAL / DB colors.


What kind of furniture castors do you have and what are the different heights?


We currently have 3 different roles in our range.

Design aluminum / steel rollers (current bestseller), black powder-coated steel rollers and stainless steel rollers. These are variable in height.

The following variants are available:

Height 70mm (160kg load with 4 castors)
Height 100mm (240kg load with 4 castors)
Height 122mm (280kg load with 4 castors)

As standard, 2/4 built-in castors are equipped with a lock.


Is a volume discount possible when ordering more than one piece of furniture?


Yes, of course. From an order quantity of 2 pieces.


Do you have showrooms where you can see the furniture on site?


No not yet. However, we are already in the planning phase for future showrooms. On our homepage you will always find current videos of our furniture, which give a very good feeling of how our furniture looks in real. It is also possible to visit our plant near Dresden. Just give us a call or send us an email to make an appointment.


How is your furniture sustainable?


All furniture is part of the Stahlzart Infinity Lifeloop. (https://stahlzart-moebel.de/stahlzart-infinity-lifeloop/)

All types of wood (except teak) are sustainably cut in Germany. Means a new one must be planted for each felled tree.
The steel used consists of 60% recycled steel. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable. (Cardboard, plastic, wooden pallets …)


Do you exhibit at trade fairs?




Can you see her work on site?


Of course, if you are near Dresen you are welcome to drop by! For an appointment, simply write us an email or give us a call.


How does a typical order work for you?


  1. You send us an email or call us.
  2. We create an offer according to your request and send it to you by email.
  3. You can confirm the offer, or further adjustments are made according to the shape & material
  4. As soon as you confirm the offer, we need your billing & delivery address and a telephone number for notification of the delivery.
  5. As soon as we have your data, it will be forwarded to our accounting department. This now issues the order confirmation, which we as Pdf. forward to you by email.
  6. We usually only pay when the piece of furniture is shipped. (i.e. a few weeks after the order) You will receive an email from us as soon as your order has been dispatched, which reminds you of the payment.
  7. You will receive information from the logistics department in good time, which will inform you about the delivery date. (by email and phone)
  8. You will receive your beautiful piece of furniture and hopefully you will enjoy it for many years (tenths).

Design & Handmade with love by Stahlzart.


Are deliveries outside of Europe possible?


Yes, we deliver worldwide, with our main customers coming from the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein …


Do you help with all kinds of problems after completing the order or after delivery?


Of course we will help you with any kind of problems.

For example: 1) My raw steel furniture got a slight scratch in shipping, do I get a discount? In this case there was a 10% discount. (The scratch was on a side wall and was very minimal – approx. 1 cm long)

2) I forgot that my furniture needs large holes in the back for cables. (after delivery of the furniture) The customer then received a corresponding drill bit from us to the value of € 80 to subsequently drill the required recesses.

However, such problems are extremely rare and currently affect approximately 1-2% of all furniture orders. Whatever the problem, we always try to make you as a customer happy.


Are the furniture made by lay people?

No, the main part of the production as well as the final inspection is done by trained master craftsmen & designers, who attach great importance to details.